I Finally Give Up
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Shit forgot to sleep again

Anonymous asked: What do you miss most about her?



As cliche as it sound… Everything. I miss driving up to her house at 2am and her waiting outside in the dark. We were on the phone and I could tell she had the biggest smile on her face and holy shit so did I. She told me to stay in the car because she was nervous. I miss how I opened up my door and just grabbed her in my arms and kissed her. I miss how long she held me. I miss giving her picky back rides around the house. I miss her wrestling with me in the morning and me trying to fight her even though I knew she was stronger. I miss laughing so hard when she sat on my arms even though it hurt so bad. I miss how she killed me. It was completely and utterly indescribable. I miss how she did anything to make me smile like buying me a matchbox jeep because I told her I wanted a jeep or buying all my favorite candy for me. I miss playing games with her and her family, watching football and UFC. I miss how much like family she felt to me. I miss her singing to me in the car even if it was rapping the entire drive. I miss how she would whisper she loved me into my mouth before kissing me. I miss how on top of the world I felt with her. I miss being able to walk around the mall, holding her hand, and showing her off to the world. I miss wrapping my arms around her at night and playing with her hair. I honestly could go on forever. I just miss her anon.

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